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Top 10 Wordpress Plugins [Must Install]

Yes if you are a blogger, then here is a list of top 10 wordpress plugins which you should use for your blog. Some of these plugins are not free in a sense that somehow their owners want a linkback to their blog/site from your blog. Obviously if anyone have created a plugin then he/she [...]

Automate Network Configuration and Internet Proxy Settings

With increasing usage of laptop computers and netbook computers, more and more people use internet via WiFi or Lan or WiMax (in the future).  Every network has its own network configuration settings. It is quite a headache to change network settings manually, time and again. Therfore it is very useful to automate this process using [...]

Google’s My Location Feature Comes To iPhone’s Safari

Google has recently released the ‘My Location’ feature for in the iPhone. Now, whenever you visit from the safari browser of an iPhone supporting 3.0 software, you’ll be greeted with a hyperlink urging you to enable ‘My Location’. Initially, the My Location feature was launched for Google Maps back in 2007 which [...]

Play Any YouTube Video In Best Available Format

Yes this is a small trick revealed by official YouTube channel on Twitter. If you want to play any YouTube video in the best available format, then all you have to do is to add &hd=1 to any YouTube video URL. Hit the enter key and enjoy the HD version [if applicable].
Beside this, if you [...]

Official Google Accounts On Twitter [Must Follow]

Google is famous for providing a top class search and advertising services. On the other hand Twitter is famous all over the globe for its innovative way of micro-blogging. Over 10 million people are using twitter. Many of them are using twitter to grab the traffic for their blog or website and some are using [...]

Google Docs VS Microsoft Office Web Apps

Microsoft responded to its bitter rival Google, with the announcement that upcoming Office suite will be having  Office  Web Apps. It simply means that using web apps people will be able to create, edit , save and share their personal documents on the web just like Google Docs. Google Docs provide all these features and [...]

The Google Chrome OS

The Google-Microsoft rivalry continues and this time Google has finally decided to challenge the monoply of Microsoft in the stream of Operating Systems. For the last decade or so, Microsoft has undoubtedly ruled the world of operating systems. Nine months after the successful release of Google Chrome web browser, Google officially announced a couple of [...]

Coolest Illusion I have Ever Seen [Simply Amazing]

I have seen many illusions but this one really amazed me. Its different from other illusions. But why? Better try it yourself. All you need is to follow these 5 steps and then your eyes will tell why it is different and amazing. For your easiness after reading out the steps, you may click on [...]

What is Google Wave???

We all are much familiar with the terms like e-mail,  conversation, chat or documents. But why are all these different tools for communication and used differently. Why can’t be a model that can work with all these systems that are available in web today. Why can’t be a place there on web where we can [...]

Thesis And Wordpress 2.8 Problem Solved

As i am using Thesis theme for my blog, some days ago i upgraded my Wordpress v2.7 to 2.8. After the upgrade, i was rather disappointed because my widgets were not working at all. I was not able to use the drag and drop feature of wordpress 2.8. Moreover it removed the search widget from my [...]