Sep 102009

Hey i installed windows live messenger 2009 but while signing in i got this error code 80040154 again and again it was so irritating for me… I tried different links… updating registry…. but nothing helped…

Sep 092009

2010 will surely be an awesome year. It seems to be the year in which we are going to see lot of giant releases from giant organizations. Starting from operating systems like Windows 7 to the real time strategy games like StarCraft II . Therefore next year will bring lot of cool products in the marketplace. Lets see few promising and eagerly awaited releases dated in 2010.

Sep 062009

A couple of weeks ago, i was working on a project in which i had to store images in SQL Server through C#. I searched the web to get some sort of help but couldn’t find some really good tutorial about this topic. As it turned out it wasn’t a very difficult task and i was finally able to do it. So i decided to write a small but comprehensive tutorial about this topic. Before i start, i would assume that you have the basic knowledge about SQL Server and C#. So here we go.

Sep 042009

Although there is a wordpress plugin available known as Author Bio but still this the manual method offers much more customization like adding author’s photo via his/her gravatar, changing background color, adding post count stuff etc. All you need is a little sense of programming. Here is a brief summary of each function which we are going to use followed by a step by step procedure to implement them.

Aug 312009

Yes thats right. How many times while surfing the web you would have come across some really interesting and worth watching videos and then thought of downloading them but then all of a sudden you realized that  you would have to go to a third party website or add some keywords to the URL etc to download that video and then say to yourself  ” why should i do so much for just a video? I ll download it some other time”. And you might never get time to download that video again.

Aug 302009

There are number of ways through which you can download videos from YouTube but some of them either use a third party software or you have to navigate away from YouTube to download. Previously i have shared a small procedure through which you can download YouTube videos with just one click without using any software plus you don’t have to navigate to other third party website. All you have to do is to click on the Bookmarklet and it will provide you with the option to download the video in MP4 [HD] or FLV. Some people have mailed me that they have faced some problem in adding the Download Bookmarklet to their Bookmarks toolbar. So i have recorded these two videos which will help you to understand the procedure of how to add the Bookmark and how to use it for downloading purpose.

Aug 222009

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Aug 132009

Most of the viruses and other threats use autorun.inf file to automatically run a file or script to damage the host machine. Best way to get save is to disable any kind of autorun, which can be done using group policies of the Windows. For non technical users of the windows Panda has released this USB vaccine utility which can do the task easily.

Jul 242009

This post is about a small advice to all bloggers especially those who are using WordPress. Well most of you must be using a well known WordPress plugin known as “All in One SEO Pack“, the main purpose of the plugin as told in its description is to submit your post to all search engines you have configured with it. There is something more special about this plugin.

Jul 232009

Yes if you are a blogger, then here is a list of top 10 wordpress plugins which you should use for your blog. Some of these plugins are not free in a sense that somehow their owners want a linkback to their blog/site from your blog. Obviously if anyone have created a plugin then he/she did this for a cause, most of these causes result in a linkback to the owner’s blog/site which will obviously help in increasing the PR [PageRank] of the site. Sometimes you dont even have an option to remove the link unless you know how to remove the link from the plugin PHP file.