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How To Convert Movies For iPhone or iPod Touch

by Muhammad Ali on March 9, 2010

I am sure many of you would be looking for some free tools and softwares with the help of which you can convert movies to the formats supported by iphone and ipod touch.  So I decided to test some free video converting applications and then make a tutorial on how to use the best tool. In this article I will give you a step by step guide for a tool called Handbrake. At the end, I will also give you a list of other possible alternatives.

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StumbleUpon Toolbar in Google Chrome

by Abdul Haseeb on December 23, 2009

Most of my friends use Google chrome because of its light weight UI and fast startup but when they want to do stumbling, they have to shift to Firefox. Mostly i use Firefox for stumbling as lot of my friends do as well. Now that Google Chrome team has launched the StumbleUpon toolbar, its really nice and working quite well for me. Here is very simple guide to setup chrome toolbar.

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Aviary Firefox Add-on to Capture Screen & Edit them Online

by Muhammad Qasim on November 6, 2009

Aviary’s Firefox add-on lets you to capture screen inside firefox and edit them online with Falcon by cropping, resizing and marking the images.It is very easy to use.

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Install Windows 7 Via USB Stick

by Bilal Bhatti on October 27, 2009

Yup, i found this useful utility known as “AskVG Bootable USB” through which you can easily install Windows 7, latest OS client released by Microsoft. This app is developed by a reader at through which one can create bootable USB sticks for Windows Vista, Server 2008 or 7. I hope this program would be [...]


How To Read A Text File In C# Windows Forms Application?

by Muhammad Ali on September 13, 2009

Last week i wrote a tutorial about storing images in database and then retrieving them through Visual Studio (C#). Now, i am going to write about reading data from text files in a C# windows forms application. It is a very simple application and even if you are not familiar with or good at C#, [...]


With increasing usage of laptop computers and netbook computers, more and more people use internet via WiFi or Lan or WiMax (in the future).  Every network has its own network configuration settings. It is quite a headache to change network settings manually, time and again. Therfore it is very useful to automate this process using [...]


3D-Studio is one of the best softwares being used all around the world used for animation and graphic designing. In my last tutorial i explained how to create a simple animation using reactor in 3D-Max, you can view it HERE. This tutorial explains creation of simple landscape which uses simple functions like Patch-grids and Scatter [...]


Animation Tutorial For Beginners In 3D-Studio-Max

by Bilal Bhatti on March 16, 2009

Well a week ago, i started to learn about the animation in 3D-Studio-Max 9. I visited many websites and followed many tutorials after which i was able to create my very first animation in 3D-Studio-Max. I would like to share it with the people who want to learn animation in 3D-Studio-Max. This tutorial is basically [...]


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