Aviary Firefox Add-on to Capture Screen & Edit them Online

by Salman on November 6, 2009

falcon-logoAviary’s Firefox add-on lets you to capture screen inside firefox and edit them online with Falcon by cropping, resizing and marking the images.It is very easy to use.Once the Add-on is installed, it will adds menu items to the right click context menu.

After you take the screenshot, you will be given 4 option:

  • Edit Image in Aviary
  • Save to Desktop
  • Copy to Clipboard
  • Host at Aviary

Aviary’s Firefox Add-on Screen Shots Tour:

Screenshot - 11_6_2009 , 12_00_39 PM

Screenshot - 11_6_2009 , 12_05_13 PM

Screenshot - 11_6_2009 , 12_04_21 PM

Screenshot - 11_6_2009 , 12_10_07 PM

Download Aviary’s Firefox Add-on

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