Google’s My Location Feature Comes To iPhone’s Safari

by Salman on July 16, 2009

Google has recently released the ‘My Location’ feature for in the iPhone. Now, whenever you visit from the safari browser of an iPhone supporting 3.0 software, you’ll be greeted with a hyperlink urging you to enable ‘My Location’. Initially, the My Location feature was launched for Google Maps back in 2007 which used to locate your position by indicating it with a blue circle in the map. Since then, it’s been integrated into Google Mobile App on iPhone.


On the google’s iPhone home page the My Location feature actually gets your location from the cloud and then returns search results that are relevant to your physical context. So, instead of typing in a city or ZIP code to narrow results, the My Location feature will take charge.

It looks as if  the My Location feature will remain fixed on the Google’s iPhone home page so you can easily update it as you move around. You can also disable it at any time from the Preferences menu.

The only bottleneck, however, is that currently the My Location feature only works for the English speakers in the US and the UK. The multilingual and multinational support will be coming soon.

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