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How To Convert Movies For iPhone or iPod Touch

by Muhammad Ali on March 9, 2010

I am sure many of you would be looking for some free tools and softwares with the help of which you can convert movies to the formats supported by iphone and ipod touch.  So I decided to test some free video converting applications and then make a tutorial on how to use the best tool. In this article I will give you a step by step guide for a tool called Handbrake. At the end, I will also give you a list of other possible alternatives.

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Windows 7 Related Interesting Advertisements

by Abdul Haseeb on October 26, 2009

There has been a huge campaign before the release of windows 7. Microsoft produced some interesting advertisement videos, whereas its counterpart Apple tried to sweep people towards Mac and refrain them from upgrading to Windows 7. Here are some of the interesting Ad videos that I like.

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Top 10 Releases around 2010

by Abdul Haseeb on September 9, 2009

2010 will surely be an awesome year. It seems to be the year in which we are going to see lot of giant releases from giant organizations. Starting from operating systems like Windows 7 to the real time strategy games like StarCraft II . Therefore next year will bring lot of cool products in the [...]


Apple Planning New iPods With Cameras ???

by Muhammad Ali on August 27, 2009

For the past several years, Apple has made a habbit of gathering in September to launch its newest iPod products for the holiday-shopping season. This time around, Apple would certainly be launching new iPods but rumors have been lurking around the web that the new iPod Nano and iPod Touch will reportedly have cameras. The [...]


30 Cool Wallpapers For Your iPhone

by Bilal Bhatti on August 20, 2009

Here is a collection of 30 cool wallpapers that i have picked from all over the web for your iPhone. All wallpapers are in 320×480 resolution and you can also use them on your iPod Touch. No doubt these wallpapers are designed by some of the finest and most creative artists around. You may click [...]

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iPhone Soaps, A Gift For The Geeks

by Abdul Haseeb on August 13, 2009

For all those who love iPhone,  here is a perfect gift for them. iPhone soaps are now available with realistic looks and vanilla scents which provide the flavour of both iPhone and soap. see the pictures from here, courtesy  mashable.


Sun xVM VirtualBox, Desktop Virtualization

by Abdul Haseeb on April 13, 2009

There are situations when users have to access certain applications of operating systems other than their native operating sytems.  Certain organizations take migration steps towards opensource platforms. They need to provide their users with access to critical legacy applications. In other cases, when you have upgraded your computer system with latest hardware and your old [...]


Iphone Emulator

by Bilal Bhatti on March 23, 2009

Have you ever thought how your website looks in an iPhone? Well here is an emulator which will allow you to explore any website on an iPhone. As we all know that iPhone uses Safari as a default browser, so in order to use this emulator you should have Safari installed on your local hard [...]

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Apple Introduces The New iPod Shuffle

by Muhammad Ali on March 20, 2009

Although i am not a huge fan of Apple but still i  have to say that they keep on coming up with some really amazing things and this time around its the new Apple iPod Shuffle. They claim that it is the world’s smallest music player and what more, it talks to you as well. [...]


Technology Of The Year Awards 2009

by Abdul Haseeb on March 6, 2009

Recently InfoWorld gave the best of the year awards this year to some best products that they reviewed during the year 2008. Undoubtedly Apple and Microsoft take the show by taking maximum awards in different categories. Here is some listing and review of some of the best tools selected in the following categories.


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