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Coolest Illusion I have Ever Seen [Simply Amazing]

Author : Bilal Bhatti, Posts:76

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I have seen many illusions but this one really amazed me. Its different from other illusions. But why? Better try it yourself. All you need is to follow these 5 steps and then your eyes will tell why it is different and amazing. For your easiness after reading out the steps, you may click on the picture and then follow the steps, it will help you to concentrate and will produce more clear results at the end.

  1. The first and the most important step is to relax and concentrate on the four dots in the middle of the picture for about 30 to 40 seconds. Remember you wont be able to observe the illusion if you will not concentrate on this picture for at least 30 seconds.
  2. Look at any WALL near you [Any smooth or single coloured surface].
  3. You will see a circle of light developing.
  4. Start blinking your eyes for a couple of time and you will see a figure emerging from the wall.
  5. What do you see? More over who do you see? :)


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  • Spocko says:

    Cool! It’s George Harrison!

  • Mihaela Lica says:

    I would really like to know how these are done! It’s simply amazing. I see our Lord Jesus Christ.

  • el pollo says:


  • BillR says:

    You need to get out more. It is a known phenomina. You have colour sensing cones in your eyes, and black and white cones. If you stare at a negative image on a bright screen (just like a film negative) for a while, when you look at a white or neutral coloured wall right after, you will see the postive image. It is because like anything on your body, if you exert the use of the rods and cones in your eyes by concentrating on an image intently for a minute or so, you will temporarily where out the rods and cones for the colours and shape of the image you are looking at. When you look away, the rods and cones sensing the outline of the shape, and those inside that work with the oposite colour will now be a bit stronger for a short time. That is why you can see a shape in the air or against a wall. FYI: magenta is the opposite of green, cyan is the opposite of red, and yellow is the opposite of blue. In colour negative film, the red and green layers are also a little sensitive to blue, so they are separated from the blue level by a light yellow film (yellow is opposite from blue and thus blocks it). That is why colour negative film is a little yellow looking. If you developed colour slide film in colour negative chemicals, you would not get the yellow look to it.

    In this case the image was just black and white. Search google for “illusion union jack” and you will be shown images of the union jack’s (the british national flag) displayed with its opposite colours. When you look at it a while and then look away, you will see it on white or neutral walls similar to this thing here, but in the true colours of the union jack. There isn’t anything mysterious or holy in it. It is simple physics and physiology.

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