How To Create An Awesome Landscape In 3D-Max [Tutorial]

by Salman on March 22, 2009

3D-Studio is one of the best softwares being used all around the world used for animation and graphic designing. In my last tutorial i explained how to create a simple animation using reactor in 3D-Max, you can view it HERE. This tutorial explains creation of simple landscape which uses simple functions like Patch-grids and Scatter etc.


The tutorial consist of the following simple steps:

  1. Creation of a Ptach-Grid
  2. Adding noise to the patch to make it more realistic
  3. Creating a tree using sphere and cylinder
  4. Merging sphere and cylinder into one object
  5. Assigning matrials to tree
  6. Scattering copies of tree onto the grid using Scatter function
  7. Adding background to the scene i-e clouds in this case
  8. Rendering the output.

Download .MAX file here

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