iOS 4.1 Game Center Compatible Games

by Salman on September 9, 2010

iOS 4.1 was finally released yesterday with a major new feature “Game Center” which lets you play networked games. Previously  iPhone games would only let you publish your sGame Centercore online on Facebook or any other social platform but now with Game Center enabled games, you can challenge someone online, maintain score boards among a bunch of other sub-features.

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Acer Chairman JT Wang is quick to say that he thinks that iPad sales are only going down from here, but maybe he should listen to that age-old idiom: people in fragile economies shouldn’t throw stones. According to iSuppli‘s latest report on the global PC market, Acer slipped down to third place after losing 6.2 percent of its market share compared to last quarter. Dell, meanwhile, lost a relatively slim 1.2 percent of its share, bumping it back up to second place — a position it had previously given up to Acer. Meanwhile HP still sits on top, commanding 18.1 percent of the market share, though that too is down, 6.3 percent over last quarter. Still, all three are well up over last year, an encouraging sign in these supposedly troubling times.


iOS 4.1 Will Not Fix iPhone 4 Proximity Sensor Issue

August 31, 2010

First it was the antenna issue that surfaced right after the launch of iPhone 4. Apple kept mum over it until consumer response (or negative response) grew to such proportions that Steve Jobs had to announce that it did exist and offered free bumpers for the new iPhone 4. The problem with antenna was believed [...]

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Windows 7 Screen Aspect Ratio Problem Solved

March 19, 2010

Recently I upgraded my Operating System to Windows 7 and downloaded latest drivers for my Lenovo G550 Video card that is Intel GMA 4500M. After successful installation of drivers, everything worked just fine but when I started playing some games at some lower resolution then the problem started. I noticed that windows 7 doesn’t allow [...]

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Free CD/DVD/Blue-Ray Burner For Windows 7

March 16, 2010

Recently I upgraded my Operating System to Windows 7 and most of the software worked just fine but when I tried to install the Nero CD/DVD burner that came with the device. My OS told that it is incompatible with windows 7. So I started searching for the free version of burner and I found [...]

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How To Convert Movies For iPhone or iPod Touch

March 9, 2010

I am sure many of you would be looking for some free tools and softwares with the help of which you can convert movies to the formats supported by iphone and ipod touch.  So I decided to test some free video converting applications and then make a tutorial on how to use the best tool. [...]

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Cricket Revolution, Pakistan’s First 3D Multi-player game

January 2, 2010

In the current decade we have seen few conventional cricket games but they never really excelled as much as other sports games. The reason was their limited features and unrealistic game play.  Then finally on 30th October 2009  Mindstorm studios released a cricket game named as Cricket Revolution. It is claimed to be quite innovative [...]

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StumbleUpon Toolbar in Google Chrome

December 23, 2009

Most of my friends use Google chrome because of its light weight UI and fast startup but when they want to do stumbling, they have to shift to Firefox. Mostly i use Firefox for stumbling as lot of my friends do as well. Now that Google Chrome team has launched the StumbleUpon toolbar, its really [...]

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Win Free License Keys of ‘Handy Backup’..!! A Christmas Gift For Geeks

December 18, 2009

Christmas is just around the corner and techtoggle is providing its visitors with an opputunity to win free license keys of a very useful backup software ‘Handy Backup’. So if you are still thinking of going out shopping for christmas, leave that thought for a moment and give yourself a chance to win 5 free [...]

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Google Chrome Beta Extensions Now Available in the Gallery

December 13, 2009

Its really a tribute to Mozilla and Firfox team that now a days people want maximum flexibility and extensibility when it comes to internet browsers. When google chrome launched and spread, there was only one thing most people demanded from chromium team and that was to make google chrome, able to install extensions that most [...]

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