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In the current decade we have seen few conventional cricket games but they never really excelled as much as other sports games. The reason was their limited features and unrealistic game play.  Then finally on 30th October 2009  Mindstorm studios released a cricket game named as Cricket Revolution. It is claimed to be quite innovative and different from other games with rich features and realistic gameplay. It has single and multiplayer mode as well as online internet gaming support.

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Christmas is just around the corner and techtoggle is providing its visitors with an opputunity to win free license keys of a very useful backup software ‘Handy Backup’. So if you are still thinking of going out shopping for christmas, leave that thought for a moment and give yourself a chance to win 5 free license keys of ‘handy backup standard’ each costing $39. Who knows, you may just be the lucky one.

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Top 10 Releases around 2010

by Abdul Haseeb on September 9, 2009

2010 will surely be an awesome year. It seems to be the year in which we are going to see lot of giant releases from giant organizations. Starting from operating systems like Windows 7 to the real time strategy games like StarCraft II . Therefore next year will bring lot of cool products in the [...]


Apple Planning New iPods With Cameras ???

by Muhammad Ali on August 27, 2009

For the past several years, Apple has made a habbit of gathering in September to launch its newest iPod products for the holiday-shopping season. This time around, Apple would certainly be launching new iPods but rumors have been lurking around the web that the new iPod Nano and iPod Touch will reportedly have cameras. The [...]


iPhone Soaps, A Gift For The Geeks

by Abdul Haseeb on August 13, 2009

For all those who love iPhone,  here is a perfect gift for them. iPhone soaps are now available with realistic looks and vanilla scents which provide the flavour of both iPhone and soap. see the pictures from here, courtesy  mashable.


Digital Camera With Built In Projector

by Muhammad Ali on August 4, 2009

Yes, thats true. Who would have thought 10 years ago that there will be a digital camera with a built in projector? But, thanks to technology, like so many other incredible inventions, we are soon going to have the worlds first compact digital camera with a built in projector.


Google has recently released the ‘My Location’ feature for in the iPhone. Now, whenever you visit from the safari browser of an iPhone supporting 3.0 software, you’ll be greeted with a hyperlink urging you to enable ‘My Location’. Initially, the My Location feature was launched for Google Maps back in 2007 which used [...]


Canon Introduces HF S11 and HF 21 AVCHD camcorders

by Muhammad Ali on July 16, 2009

Just as we thought that Panasonic, with the release of its 240GB camcorder, will leave Canon way behind, the Japan based company comes up with a couple of updated models, the HF 21 and the new flagship HF S11. Both these models have an integrated memory of 64 GB which is double than their predecessors, with [...]


The Google Chrome OS

by Muhammad Ali on July 9, 2009

The Google-Microsoft rivalry continues and this time Google has finally decided to challenge the monoply of Microsoft in the stream of Operating Systems. For the last decade or so, Microsoft has undoubtedly ruled the world of operating systems. Nine months after the successful release of Google Chrome web browser, Google officially announced a couple of [...]


Nokia has been building Maemo 5, companies first SDK for mobile application development ,for quite long. Now its new version named Harmattan is in development stages. Nokia is planning to remove its Symbian based S60 platform and adopt its Maemo mobile platform as early as end of 2010.


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