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Official Google Accounts On Twitter [Must Follow]

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Google is famous for providing a top class search and advertising services. On the other hand Twitter is famous all over the globe for its innovative way of micro-blogging. Over 10 million people are using twitter. Many of them are using twitter to grab the traffic for their blog or website and some are using it to keep their friends updated of what they are doing. Well Google itself is using twitter to keep its users updated about the latest news and updates of the company. Google have provided its users with the list of twitter accounts which should be followed by all Google fans on twitter.

Google Twitter


One more thing i would like to share is that in past Google and Microsoft have already tried their best to buy Twitter. Remember when the two had a bidding war over a stake in Facebook?

Update: Interesting. It looks like Google may have missed one of its own accounts in the region list: Google Arabia. That makes 45 :P

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