Microsoft All Set To Launch BING How To Download Videos From YouTube in HD [High Definition MP4]
Jun 022009

One of my classmate is always inquiring me about the best software/site to download videos from YouTube and my answer is always different every time because there are so many solutions of how you may download videos from YouTube but there is no simple one like this method. Check it out.

If you are a chrome or FireFox fan like me then you are just one step away from a simple method which will help you to download any YouTube video with just one click of your mouse.

Drag the Download link below to your FireFox or Chrome bookmark bar and you are done.

Download=>Drag this link to bookmarks toolbar.

Now its time to test whether its working or not.

Follow these steps

  1. Go to any YouTube Video
  2. Click on the Download button in the bookmark bar
  3. Click on Download Video Normal OR just use this link in your Download Accelerator, I use IDM
  4. In-case your video fails to download, Click on Download Video Advanced and then click Grab Link button, it will provide you with the download link within seconds.
  5. Enjoy speedy downloads from YouTube.

Now whats the main advantage of this trick, you don’t need to navigate from YouTube, all you have to do is to click the Download button, secondly there is no advertisement stuff. Most of all its free and speedy.

If you are interested in more chrome plugins stuff, visit this.

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  1. asad says:

    Thankyou. Very useful bookmarklet.

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  3. Rupali says:

    Very useful…..

  4. getvideo says:

    Oh god i need it badly thankyou mr bilal bhatti :)

  5. ETM says:

    You good man… really… keep up the good work.

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