Jul 242009

This post is about a small advice to all bloggers especially those who are using WordPress. Well most of you must be using a well known WordPress¬†plugin known as “All in One SEO Pack“, the main purpose of the plugin as told in its description is to submit your post to all search engines you have configured with it. There is something more special about this plugin.

Not all word press plugins are totally FREE. How? You must be knowing the concept of auto blogging, means all you have to do is to buy a domain, install WordPress, put google ads and then sit back. Your blog will automatically retrieve posts from other blogs and will publish on your blog. But how this procedure is accomplished? Many people have made such plugins which just copy paste the excerpt of your post to the owner‚Äôs blog and send you a trackback, unfortunately “All In One SEO Pack” comes on the top of the list.


“All In One SEO Pack” revealed it secret itself when yesterday i wrote an article about Top 10 Wordpress Plugins and saved a draft so that i may publish it later. I was astonished to see FOUR TRACKBACKS before even publishing it. What i did is just wrote a post and filled its TITLE, DESCRIPTION and KEYWORDS in “All In One SEO Pack”. At this stage you must be thinking that i am a lucky guy that i got FOUR trackbacks even before¬†publishing a post, but unfortunately these all TRACKBACKS are from AUTO BLOGS with PAGE RANK 0.

Remember PageRank is not about the number of websites pointing towards your site, in fact its about the number of website with PageRank higher than you pointing towards your site. So if you accept all the trackbacks from these AUTO BLOGS with PageRank 0, what actually you are doing is that instaed of increasing PageRank of your website, you are increasing the PageRank of these AUTO-BLOGS by providing a link back to them from your website.


After publishing i received 5 more trackbacks, some of them are from here.





These are perfect examples of such blogs which automatically generates a post.

Hence conculsion is simple, DONT ACCEPT such trackbacks, as it may dilute your PageRank, and if you are not sure about Pagerank dilution, proceed to here.

5 Responses to “How To Save Your PageRank?”

  1. Neil Burlock says:

    Fascinating. I wondered why I was just starting to get trackbacks from apparently automated websites. In the trash with them then.

  2. Nevin says:

    Thanks for sharing the information.
    I’ve got one websites, whose page rank keep changing all the time, rising and falling.
    Google algorithm change too often. Sometimes, too hard to understand.

  3. Ventego says:

    Are you a professional journalist? You write very well.

  4. Bilal Bhatti says:


    Yeah professional enough to catch people like ya. Have a look

  5. Saad Salman says:

    Keep up the good work BB!


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