Mar 062009

Recently InfoWorld gave the best of the year awards this year to some best products that they reviewed during the year 2008. Undoubtedly Apple and Microsoft take the show by taking maximum awards in different categories. Here is some listing and review of some of the best tools selected in the following categories.

Feb 192009

Yes, its true, this cool drawing by Federico Fieni says this all. It seems that Google somehow cheated the Microsoft official logo. Well the picture blow has been divided into 3 columns. In the first column, Mr Google is planning to have some fun with Microsoft logo. In the second column Google is playing and amalgamating Microsoft logo with the circle and finally Google came up with the same Microsoft logo but what it did is just circled the original one. I wonder if Google have atleast changed the colours :D

Feb 062009

Hiz. I just want to share a nice feature of Windows 7 which i discovered yesterday. Sometimes you want to delete files that are in use by your system. In this case Microsoft Windows gives you a certain type of message that this file is being used by another process. But this message is bit different in windows 7. In Windows XP when you want to delete a file that is being used by your system then in this case you receive a blunt error.

Feb 012009

Kaspersky Lab as one of the leading developer of secure content management has finally released the technical preview of Kasper-sky Anti Virus for the upcoming windows 7. Beta1 of windows 7 has been released, after two or three months Beta2 is expected and then it will be released finally at the end of this year.

Jan 292009

Here are some images about the evolution of Windows from Windows 1.0 to the Windows 7.

Jan 292009

If you are a big fan of  internet explorer and you have not used firefox and google chrome much, then there is a clear chance that you will be looking to get your internet explorer up to date and bug free . For all you folks, microsoft has finally released internet explorer 8 RC1 and it is  available for download.

Jan 232009

Cloud Computing is a computing paradigm where services and data reside in shared resources in scalable data centers, and those services and data are accessible by any authenticated device over the Internet. It is one the most significant trend today, and is getting a lot of praise as an approach to rapidly include new computing facility and reduction of costs. Many enterprises and firms like Intel as well as AMD are working hard to determine how best can they expand this immature technology called Cloud.

Jan 212009

According to the reserachers Windows Vista and Windows 7 users were tricked by the Conficker Virus when they plugged the infected USB drive into their systems.

Jan 192009

A computer virus attacking Microsoft Windows has infected almost nine million machines and is spreading faster than ever before. Experts say the worm has “skyrocketed” in recent days. It is sweeping through thousands of offices in the UK and has affected computers at the Ministry of Defence.

Jan 172009

Here are some brief and spicy stories about history of WWW, Microsoft, Apple, HP, UNIX, Google, Intel, Sun and LINUX.