Jan 292009

If you are a big fan of  internet explorer and you have not used firefox and google chrome much, then there is a clear chance that you will be looking to get your internet explorer up to date and bug free . For all you folks, microsoft has finally released internet explorer 8 RC1 and it is  available for download.

Here is the download link:

Download IDM

Download IE-8

Some Features of Internet Explorer 8 RC1:

  • Compatibility View:

Internet Explorer 8 RC1 is a new release and some websites may not yet be ready for Internet Explorer 8. Click the Compatibility View toolbar button to display the website as viewed in Internet Explorer 7, which will correct display problems like misaligned text, images, or text boxes.


  • Enhanced Tabbed Browsing:

Have you ever opened a large number of tabs only to find yourself overwhelmed when you go back to review them? Internet Explorer 8 introduces Tab Groups, which make tabbed browsing easier. When one tab is opened from another, the new tab is placed next to the originating tab and color coded, so that you can quickly see which tabs have related content.

Other Features:

  • Better Find On Page
  • Smarter Address Bar
  • Redesigned New Tab page
  • Reopen your last browsing session: Reopen all tabs that were open when Internet Explorer 8 was last closed, which can be useful if you accidentally close the browser.
  • Improved Zoom

Internet Explorer 8 RC1 really  brings some nice and useful features, if you haven’t tried it yet, download and try it now.

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