May 292009

I have searched many softwares to rename multiple files at once for saving my precious time but most of them were either demand much $$ or most of them were not meeting up my demands. At last i found a FREE software known as “BULK RENAME UTILITY” with lot of useful string manipulation options.

May 272009

In case you dont know, StumbleUpon is a free of cost service where internet users can easily find websites related to their interests. Using StumbleUpon you can find best reviewed websites on the web and it also helps you to find really interesting pages which you might never have searched for. However, for those who are bloggers or own their personal websites, this article may well be worth reading because i am going to tell about some do’s and dont’s which will help you to get good traffic from StumbleUpon.

May 232009

Nokia has been building Maemo 5, companies first SDK for mobile application development ,for quite long. Now its new version named Harmattan is in development stages. Nokia is planning to remove its Symbian based S60 platform and adopt its Maemo mobile platform as early as end of 2010.

May 062009

Cloud computing is a style of computing in which virtualized and standard resources are provided as a service over the Internet. It conceptualize Web-Oriented Architecture (WOA) and Virtualization in Reality. It provide services usually for business applications online that are accessed from a web browser, while the software and data are stored in the cloud.

Apr 302009

A British-born physicist Stephen Wolfram has come up with a Web Tool termed as ‘Wolfrom Alpha’ that could be “as important as GOOGLE“. The “Computational Knowledge Engine“, as the technology is known, will be available to the public from the middle of May this year. It is a free program that aims to answers questions directly, rather than just give a list of web pages as most of the search engines do in response of a query.

Apr 222009

Sharp corporation has come with a big say into the laptop market with the release of Words First Optical Sensor LCD based Touch pad into laptops. The notebook will soon be realeased into the japan markets. This unique and new touch sensing recognition method allows handwritten input to the system and discerning direct touch operations.

Apr 172009

FoxTab is a 3D tabbed browsing extension.
With 5 attractive layouts to choose from, flipping between opened tabs becomes easy and enjoyable than ever. Use the grouping and filtering features, and start experiencing tabbed-browsing in a whole new way.

Apr 132009

There are situations when users have to access certain applications of operating systems other than their native operating sytems.  Certain organizations take migration steps towards opensource platforms. They need to provide their users with access to critical legacy applications. In other cases, when you have upgraded your computer system with latest hardware and your old native OS doesn’t support your new hardware. You work in your native OS and at the same time you want to use your new hardware with compatible OS. In such cases desktop virtualization can be a very good solution.

Apr 032009

Ever wondered a powerful computer that can decrypt in a few seconds an encoded message that it would take a regular computer billions of centuries to crack? Where programming code, as small as 2 or 4 lines could help you search a country’s Database? And so much so that according to, American computer engineer Howard Akin “just six electronic digital computers would satisfy the computing needs of the United States” (errant predictions made back in 1974). True, talking about the present science fiction and future computer “Quantum computers”.

Apr 032009

Its been quite some time since the dell inspiron 1525 was introduced in the market. However, i feel its adequate to write a review for this notebook. The arrival of the inspiron notebooks eventually announced an end to the old days of bulky and overweight dell notebooks. The 15.4 inch inspiron 1525 is a successor to the inspiron 1520 notebook and has some exciting features and i guess all of you would be tempted to get this laptop after reading its specifications and features.