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Notebook PC with Optical Sensor LCD TouchPad

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Sharp corporation has come with a big say into the laptop market with the release of Words First Optical Sensor LCD based Touch pad into laptops. The notebook will soon be realeased into the japan markets. This unique and new touch sensing recognition method allows handwritten input to the system and discerning direct touch operations.


Now using this 4-inch optical touchpad, users can input pen based handwritten drawings and text and also multiple finger touch sensations to enlarge, shrink and rotate windows on the screen.For example, users can sign their name to an on-screen photo before e-mailing it, or they can use two fingers to zoom in and out of Internet Web sites to make them just the right size for viewing.


Furthermore it will come with proprietary softwares for playing games , reading e-books  and interative cool touch applications with pen and finger touch operations.

sharp optical touch pad laptops



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  • TRENDKILL says:

    Looks totally sweet, I’m getting one when they get here, need a laptop bad and this is so practical, and above all POWERFUL.

  • Rachel - laptop computer memory says:

    nice laptop. the specs doesn’t look bad. good for office work but not for gaming.

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