May 272009

In case you dont know, StumbleUpon is a free of cost service where internet users can easily find websites related to their interests. Using StumbleUpon you can find best reviewed websites on the web and it also helps you to find really interesting pages which you might never have searched for. However, for those who are bloggers or own their personal websites, this article may well be worth reading because i am going to tell about some do’s and dont’s which will help you to get good traffic from StumbleUpon.


First of all you need to have a stumbleupon account. If you dont have that you can create here. Once you have signed up you are all ready to go. Ordinary users can search any webpages of their interests but for bloggers who want to get traffic for their websites, they should keep the following things in mind :

Dont Stumble More Than One Page a Day :

People tend to stumble quite a lot of pages every day. This might in turn drive some traffic to your blog for a while but in the long run this will make your stumble profile very ineffictive as your friends will get bored and bothered of getting a lot of stumbles from a single person and will try to ignore your stumbled pages in future and may well remove you from their friends list. So try to share only one page a day.

Make Friends Who Share Your Interests :

Always try to make friends who share your interests for instance if you are a sports lover and own a sports blog or website, then you should always make friends who also have interests in sports. Because if you have a sports related website , for example, and your friends are technology loving people then they  wont even give a damn to the articles which you share with them simply because they dont like sports. Make as many friends as you can.

Dont Always Stumble Your Own Blog Post :

This is another big factor which might bore your friends and subscribers. If you keep on stumbling only your own blog post your friends will again get bored of reading same kind of stuff from you everytime. So make sure that along with your own blog posts, you also stumble pages from other wesites.

One thing more , just once in a while  stumbling videos and photos will make other users to be interested in your stumbling process and they will definitely look you as a member with interesting stumbles and they will always visit the pages submitted by you and might also review those pages.

Stumble Stumblers Post :

In case someone stumbles your post then visit there profile and thank them.Also you can stumble the stumbler’s profile which is another good way to gain exposure and build a bond with SU community.You can also Stumble some 5-6 favorites of the stumbler.This way you will also develop a good reputation in the community.

The tips are endless,you have to just use your common sense and work it out perfectly.This isn’t tough but it just takes some time.Don’t go stumbling 1000’s of pages everyday.Just make sure you have patience and just build up a good profile in front of the users.

Oh!!! And One Thing more… Do Stumble this page :P

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