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Top Problems In Google Chrome

I have been using Mozilla Firefox for while, so yesterday i thought to test Google Chrome also. Here are some probs which i faced in google chrome despite of its several advantages like speedy loading :S etc

Googling Security:How Much Google Knows About You.

In the recent past I was much inspired from a book I was reading over the internet. The book was about “HOW MUCH GOOGLE KNOWS ABOUT YOU”. In this eye opening book Author Greg Conti explores the security risks of Google and other search engines like Yahoo , Msn, AOL , Ask and many other [...]

Will Google Chrome overtake Firefox?

These days, every one is excited and enthusiastic about the Google’s brand new product, the open source web browser Google Chrome. At first i was actually reluctant to use google chrome because i was enjoying working with firefox for a very long time and i didn’t really feel the need to have another browser and [...]

Rare Collection [WWW, Microsoft, Apple, HP, UNIX, Google, Intel, Sun, LINUX]

Here are some brief and spicy stories about history of WWW, Microsoft, Apple, HP, UNIX, Google, Intel, Sun and LINUX.

Portable Google Chrome Browser for USB Sticks

Google Crome one of the recent most successful launch and it has created a history on the launching day, Many technologists were waiting for the Google Chrome to launch. and It proved to be the successful story of the year .Now Here goes the Portable version of the product, and its download link.