Portable Google Chrome Browser for USB Sticks

by Tech Toggle on January 12, 2009

Google Crome one of the recent most successful launch and it has created a history on the launching day, Many technologists were waiting for the Google Chrome to launch. and It proved to be the successful story of the year .Now Here goes the Portable version of the product, and its download link.

Portable Google Chrome Browser for USB Sticks

As soon as Google Chrome was released, there were enormous number of feedback from the people who had the features and who has downloaded the software. Here is a good news for the people who stores all the respective softwares in their USB Sticks, Google Browser can now be run directly from the USB’s and even you can browse your favorite websites without any privacy worry because history and cookies will now be stored in flash memory stick itself, that is enough to get this gadget quickly. This gadget requires no installation at all, it will run in a single click of an executable file.


So what are you awaiting , just download the respective file and start browsing faster and efficient than ever before, and take your favourites,security keys,cache with you to anywhere by storing to your USB Drives, and unzip accordinlgy and start chroming and making most of the information from Web.

Download Chrome

Download Chrome

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