Will Google Chrome overtake Firefox?

by Salman on January 22, 2009

These days, every one is excited and enthusiastic about the Google’s brand new product, the open source web browser Google Chrome. At first i was actually reluctant to use google chrome because i was enjoying working with firefox for a very long time and i didn’t really feel the need to have another browser and slow down my system.


However once i started using google chrome, i had other ideas. What attracted me the most was the Chrome’s user interface. Listed below are some of the features of the new chrome which were not present in firefox.

Launching Speed : The execution time of both the browsers makes our choice a lot more easier. Technically speaking, it is more related with the performance of someone’s machine rather than the user interface but still it does matter. When i load firefox, it seems like a sluggish and leisurely process of transporting Outlook into my system. However, while loading Chrome it just feels like loading a text file or something like that. You can just feel the difference.

Location of new tabs : When you open a new tab in firefox, it appears to the extreme right of the list and it just takes those extra seconds to find that tab and navigate to it. On the other hand, if you open a tab in Chrome it appears immediately after the current tab. What this does is that it groups the related tabs and hence the user can easily locate and switch among many tabs.

For firefox fans, however, the good news is that the Mozilla guys are working on this issue and the we might see the same feature in firexfox in the near future.


Reduction of one keystroke : When you type some address into the address bar, both firefox and chrome produce a list of suggestions which match with the url you are typing, in a drop down box. In firefox you would first have to go down using the down arrow key, select your desired website and then hit enter to open that page. On the contrast, chrome highlights its top suggested website which means you will just have to hit the enter key to go to your desired page.

I know it is a very tiny and small thing but when you have to do it dozens of times a day, then you have a strong case of choosing chrome as your first priority web browser.



I am not an anti-firefox person. I still like some features of firefox but i think google has to be credited for coming up with an open source web browser that offers a unique user interface and a lot more new and enhanced features.

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