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Portable OpenOffice 3.0.1 Review

Portable is one of the complete Office pack that includes word processor, presentation making tools,  spreadsheets, database tools, drawing tools and much more, all portable, so now you can take your work  anywhere with you and all that is free to download so what are you waiting for.
Get it now.

AMD, ATI Catalyst Now Supported By Windows 7

Today AMD released ATI Catalyst 9.3 unified graphics driver support for windows 7. This is the first support driver package of AMD that gets support for windows 7 and it contains Windows Display Driver model (WDDM) 1.1 compatibility. So now millions of AMD (ATI) graphics customers worldwide can utilize the power of their graphics card [...]

Ubuntu Servers Now On Cloud Management Platform Amazon EC2

Few days before RightScale, inc announced that they will provide full support to the popular linux distribution as it is now part of the RightScale’s Cloud Management platform. This is really a good news for all the Ubuntu users and Developers as they can now enjoy the freedom to easily create, manage and deploy Cloud [...]

Technology Of The Year Awards 2009

Recently InfoWorld gave the best of the year awards this year to some best products that they reviewed during the year 2008. Undoubtedly Apple and Microsoft take the show by taking maximum awards in different categories. Here is some listing and review of some of the best tools selected in the following categories.

How To Convert Web Pages Into PDF Files

Here is the step by step guide on how to convert simple web pages into high quality PDF files. For this purpose you will use PDF bookmarklet which will let you save your pages so easily into nice readable and presentable form. This method works for both firefox as well as Google Chrome browsers , [...]

Triple Core Processors, Dual Core aren’t Enough

Its time to upgrade to triple core processors and get performance boost over single and dual core processors. AMD Phenom X3 tripple core processors have three cores embeded on single chip. It provides cutting edge features and power for next generation applications that require much more computing capabilites.

Top Free Softwares and Utilities for daily life

Here is a list of cool and free opensource softwares for download, that you can use freely in your routine life, and make your work easy without wasting too much money on expensive products, some of which you cannot afford.
These are the best opensource software which have no adware and no spyware , and that [...]

Internet Explorer 8 RC1 Features

If you are a big fan of  internet explorer and you have not used firefox and google chrome much, then there is a clear chance that you will be looking to get your internet explorer up to date and bug free . For all you folks, microsoft has finally released internet explorer 8 RC1 and [...]

Enterprise Cloud Computing Strategies

Cloud Computing is a computing paradigm where services and data reside in shared resources in scalable data centers, and those services and data are accessible by any authenticated device over the Internet. It is one the most significant trend today, and is getting a lot of praise as an approach to rapidly include new computing [...]

Four Plants Shutdown by Intel, lay off 6000 jobs.

Due to a multitude of bad news in the personal computers market.Intel suddenly cut prices on some high chips this monday and announced this wednesday that they will shut their four chips plants and drop around 6000 jobs.