AMD, ATI Catalyst Now Supported By Windows 7

by Abdul Haseeb on March 19, 2009

Today AMD released ATI Catalyst 9.3 unified graphics driver support for windows 7. This is the first support driver package of AMD that gets support for windows 7 and it contains Windows Display Driver model (WDDM) 1.1 compatibility. So now millions of AMD (ATI) graphics customers worldwide can utilize the power of their graphics card through the hardware support of DirectX 10.1 API and Windows 7 Aero desktop effects. Currently ATI Radeon HD 3000 and ATI Radeon HD 4000 series of graphics cards can deliver the full Windows 7 Aero desktop experiece, including advanced features like Aero peek and Aero shake. Both these features enhance the navigation of windows 7 desktop.

What is ATI Catalyst:

ATI Catalyst is an HD graphics card video configuration software which delivers extraordinary control over performance and visual quality with ATI Radeon graphics processors.Few of its features are Precision control for power users, easy multi monitor configuration,  simple wizard oriented setup, lot of advance tweaks for gamers and video freaks, and ultra reliable working experience for both new users as well as professionals.

It supports:

  • ATI Radeon based graphics cards for desktops.
  • Mobility Radeon based graphics cards for notebooks.
  • AMD chipsets with  onboard graphics cards.
source: AMD

And now Supports Windows 7 as well (source: AMD)

ATI Catalyst and OpenGL:

AMD’s OpenGL driver for ATI Catalyst offers many benefits to OpenGL workstation users, gamers, and developers. Featuring advanced next-generation driver architecture, the OpenGL ATI Catalyst driver improves graphics quality and stability, and enables hardware-independent optimizations for superior driver performance.

ATI Catalyst and Windows Vista:

With Microsoft Windows Vista, the ATI Catalyst driver powers a new graphics architecture, application programming interface (DirectX 10 and DirectX 10.1), and graphics driver model (Windows Display Driver Model–WDDM). Windows Vista’s WDDM graphics driver model offers a number of significant improvements over the previous driver model with Windows XP. Vista’s WDDM delivers significantly improved stability and security, and enables the high performance 3D acceleration offered with Windows Vista’s Windows Aero user interface.

ATI Catalyst and Windows 7:

Windows 7 together with ATI Radeon graphics can deliver hi-fi graphics and supreme image enhancements such as .

  • Support for the Direct2D API introduced in Windows 7, giving third-party applications the ability to improve everything from ClearType text rendering to hardware-accelerated vector graphics
  • Enhanced Windows 7 acceleration, delivering an outstanding Windows experience
  • Smooth, crystal-clear playback of multimedia, including high-definition video on HD-capable screens
  • Incredible 3D game performance in single- and multi-GPU CrossFireX  technology configurations.

Download ATI Catalyst and Display Drivers for all supported ATI Radeon graphics cards from Here.

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