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Four Plants Shutdown by Intel, lay off 6000 jobs.

Author : Abdul Haseeb, Posts:38

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Due to a multitude of bad news in the personal computers market.Intel suddenly cut prices on some high chips this monday and announced this wednesday that they will shut their four chips plants and drop around 6000 jobs.


Experts gave the reason for these actions of intel that there are feeble PC sales and parsimonious customers are more inclined to the economical solutions such as Netbooks, Notebooks and iphones.

Other most important factor is that Intel’s most perilous rivals AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) are shining in the market these days, as PC makers are showing a lot of interest in AMD’s low priced Notebooks as well as its recent high-end Phenom II Processors.Therefore Intel cuts prices on some high end Deskop chips as much as 40 percent, just to stimulate the market once again to their own pace and taste.but still Intel’s chips are more expensive than the Phenom II CPU of the AMD.


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