Ubuntu Servers Now On Cloud Management Platform Amazon EC2

by Salman on March 17, 2009

Few days before RightScale, inc announced that they will provide full support to the popular linux distribution as it is now part of the RightScale’s Cloud Management platform. This is really a good news for all the Ubuntu users and Developers as they can now enjoy the freedom to easily create, manage and deploy Cloud applications with full control and portability on Cloud computing technologies such as Amazon EC2.

From now on Cloud computing will be an effective area of development for Ubuntu developers. “RightScale’s cloud management platform removes much of the complexity and risk from cloud computing, providing an easy way for Ubuntu developers to ‘test the waters’ of cloud computing or even deploy full production cloud applications for cost-effective, on-demand IT.” said Thorsten von Eicken, RightScale CTO and founder.

It is now very easy to deploy complex cloud applications which will enable organizations to start business  critical applications in a short span of time or even within few hours without any risk of lock in.

The package includes cloud ready server templates for Ubuntu, that are prebuilt for normal server configurations, such as database clusters, grids, scalable web arrays and application arrays all executing on Ubuntu server.

“The RightScale cloud management platform gives Ubuntu developers an excellent cloud management solution, with automated management of the complete cloud deployment throughout the application’s lifecycle,” said Simon Wardley, support services manager at Canonical. “RightScale is a clear leader in the cloud space, and we look forward to working with them as we continue to embrace cloud computing as part of Ubuntu.”


What is RightScale:

For those who doesn’t know about RightScale , it is the worlds leading Cloud computing management organization founded in 2006.RightScale Cloud is delivered as “Software as a service ” (SAAS) and it is easily accessable as free developers edition and as enterprise edition as well.

So why not start developing and deploying Cloud computing applications using Ubuntu and be among the few developers of Cloud.

Here is the free Developers version.

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