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How To Detect Infra red With Any Inexpensive Cell Phone Cemera

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Bilal Ahmed is an author at Doing Electrical Engineering from Center for Advanced Studies in Engineering(CASE). Email:[email protected]


Now,you don't have to use  special goggles to see infrared light. You can use any cell with built  in camera to detect infrared light.
for YouTube video tutorial : click here

Look directly into the front of remote control and push any button. You can't see any change.Now point the remote at an inexpensive digital camera or video camera and push the buttons. Now, in the video camera's screen, you see a brightly flashing beacon of light.

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Digital video camera sensors can easily see in the infrared. In fact, they are more sensitive to infrared than they are to normal light. Camera manufacturers try to fix this by adding infrared blocking filters in front of the sensor. In cheap video cameras, these are not very effective.

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