Feb 282009

In most of the colleges , universities and offices , the use of a chat messenger is strictly prohibited and the administrator does not allow you to install it even if you have the setup or downloaded it from the web. My uni also falls in that category and some time ago i thought of having a portable messenger, if it was possible, so that without having to install it i can run windows live messenger and sign in. Fortunately i found portable version of windows live messenger and beleive me it really is great.

Now i can carry it easily in my usb and can use it anywhere no matter what the restrictions are on the PC which i am using. You just have to download it , extract it (as it is zipped) , run the exe file and sign in and thats it. As simple as that. Download and enjoy


You can download it here.

Download RMF

*You must have .NET framework installed in your computer to use this portable version.

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  1. jonno says:

    The latest version of Windows Live Messenger, build 14.0.8089.726 which was released in August 2009, is now available as a portable version.

    The only one which doesn’t give me a missing DLL or missing component, is the one from this web site… http://www.ncnblue.com/wlmportable/

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