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Robot That Can Run Upto 4mph

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Yes its true, A robot named “Asimo“ which was under-construction for last 20 years by Honda was shown to the public at Kennedy Center in Washington in the first week of this month. Many people think Honda as a car company, but now Honda likes to think of itself as mobility company, said  Alicia Jones, a representer to Honda. She also said that idea behind this robot is to create a super robot someday that will be able to help the mankind.

Here are some features of Asmio:

  • It can walk in both directions, forward and backward.
  • It can climb up as well as down stairs.
  • Can run @ 4 miles per hour.

Many people inquired Jones about the benefit of Asmio’s running, she answered that there are certain occasions when the time is less and in order to complete task robot needs to run to aid the disabled person.

Asmio is 4-feet and 3-inches tall which is a considerable height to open doors and windows. Final version of Asmio is expected to come in next decade and it will be also equipped with the latest speech recognition system so that it may be able to negotiate with the people who feel lonely.

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