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Top 20 Sites on the Web!

Among the web-traffic analysers Adgooroo,, ComScore, Hitwise, Netcraft, and Quantcast. The post takes into account the analysis by Alexa 2009.
Ranking By Alexa; A brief Round-Up:
Alexa Internet, Inc. is a California, U.S.-based subsidiary company of and one of the authentic source reporting web’s traffic.The company’s web traffic reportingis based on the results sent to the company by [...]

Download Any Video With Just A Single Click

Yes thats right. How many times while surfing the web you would have come across some really interesting and worth watching videos and then thought of downloading them but then all of a sudden you realized that  you would have to go to a third party website or add some keywords to the URL etc [...]

New Research in Quantum Computing

Ever wondered a powerful computer that can decrypt in a few seconds an encoded message that it would take a regular computer billions of centuries to crack? Where programming code, as small as 2 or 4 lines could help you search a country’s Database? And so much so that according to, American computer engineer Howard [...]

Auditory illusion?

Shortly I came across an mp3, titled the “Virtual Hair cut”, and believe me I was bewitched by the level of hearing illusion. By the time I finished the mp3, I got hold of my hair to assure that they are ‘there’ and It was just an illusion!!