May 042009

The biggest flaw in Google chrome which i pointed out in my several posts is that it lacks Google toolbar. As a blogger i have to look for the PageRank of about every site/blog i visit which was provided by Google toolbar in FireFox and internet explorer. Now the question arises how to check Google PageRank in google chrome with just one click? Here are two scripts which will help ya in this situation.

To be honest i have seen many websites which provide this facility by adding a bookmark shortcut in chrome bookmarks toolbar, but they all have got one problem, they are full of advertisements :( . So in order to get rid of the advertisements i decided to query server [] through which google toolbar queries for page rank of a certain website.

Simple Google-Pagerank:


Page-Rank Check


Drag the above link in your chrome bookmarks bar. Just click on it once, the page rank of the current page will be displayed.



Page-Rank Check-Extra

Drag the above link in your chrome bookmarks bar and it will display you the Google, Alexa, Yahoo, AllTheWeb, Altavista and Technorati page rank of your website.


These two shortcuts will save your time for sure.
Note:”In order to check the pagerank, you should be on the homepage of the website or blog because Google keep record of individual page of a website separately”.
I hope google chrome will be supporting google toolbar soon.

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