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Protect Your Pictures By Adding Watermarks

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If you are fed up with people copying your pictures and want to protect your pictures you can easily do that by adding watermarks  to your pictures. Recently i discovered a wonderful website which allows you to add pictures from your computer or even you can add pictures from flickr, facebook or picasa and then you can add text or image watermarks whatever the way you like.

Here are some simple steps which you would have to follow:

  • Upload images (you can add images from your computer, flickr, facebook or picasa). At a time, you can add a maximum of 5 files and their total size should not be more than 25 MB.
  • Now just click on "Go to Step 2" and simply type the text that you want to add to your image and also select the position where you want the watermark.
  • Now go to step 3 and download your image with the watermark.

And that is it. It cant get simpler than that. And you can always go back and add more pictures to be watermarked (but only 5 at one time). Its totally free of cost and you don't need to sign up or  install anything.

Here are some of the sample pictures:

Click here to visit Picmarkr.

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