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Jul 032009

As i am using Thesis theme for my blog, some days ago i upgraded my Wordpress v2.7 to 2.8. After the upgrade, i was rather disappointed because my widgets were not working at all. I was not able to use the drag and drop feature of wordpress 2.8. Moreover it removed the search widget from my sidebar. First i was not sure about the problem, i thought the problem is may be with the new version of wordpress, but when i applied default wordpress theme, everything was working fine. So the problem was with thesis theme.

Jul 032009

Linux is an operating system, very similar to the traditional UNIX operating systems. Linux newbies are always in search of good themes and wallpapers for making their OS more cool in look. Like many of you, i am a great fan of Linux OS. I am always looking for good wallpapers and themes for my ubuntu 9.04. After searching throughout the web i found these cool wallpapers, which i would like to share with you. Do comment which one you like the most.

Jul 012009

For all you web geeks out there, has just received a Google Page Rank of 3! This is a great achievement and we are very pleased it has been so succesful over the last few months!

If dont know what is meant by PageRank, proceed here.

Jun 052009

I am great fan of Google Chrome, but i don’t like to enter my email and password again and again while logging into my Hotmail, Yahoo and Lycos mail. So i have developed a simple JavaScript for each of these email services so that you will only need to do a single click for logging into your email accounts. You may call it a simple autofill through javascript but yet its useful, it will hardly take 15 mins to write them out. I have tested these scripts in Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

Jun 032009

Well my last post was how to download videos from youtube in FLV format, however this version of script can help you in downloading the video in HD format too i-e MP4.  All you have to do is to drag the Download link below in your Google Chrome/Firefox bookmarks toolbar and enjoy the HD downloading.

Download=>Drag this link to bookmarks toolbar.

Jun 022009

One of my classmate is always inquiring me about the best software/site to download videos from YouTube and my answer is always different every time because there are so many solutions of how you may download videos from YouTube but there is no simple one like this method. Check it out.

May 312009

Well my last post on how to check PageRank stuff in Google Chrome was bit not user friendly. This time let me get it simple to you. Just Drag this LINK to your Chrome/Firefox/IE bookmarks toolbar and click on it whenever you want to see the SEO details of the website you are browsing.


May 312009

Here is a simple code to get favicon of websites.

May 302009

Not many of us know that Google gives PageRank to individual pages of the website which may differ from the homepage of the same domain. For example consider these two URLs

The PageRank of the first link is [PR-2] different from the PageRank of the second link [PR-3] although these two pages belong to the same domain.

May 292009

I have searched many softwares to rename multiple files at once for saving my precious time but most of them were either demand much $$ or most of them were not meeting up my demands. At last i found a FREE software known as “BULK RENAME UTILITY” with lot of useful string manipulation options.