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Windows 7 Screen Aspect Ratio Problem Solved

by Salman on March 19, 2010

Recently I upgraded my Operating System to Windows 7 and downloaded latest drivers for my Lenovo G550 Video card that is Intel GMA 4500M. After successful installation of drivers, everything worked just fine but when I started playing some games at some lower resolution then the problem started. I noticed that windows 7 doesn’t allow the device drivers to expand the screen aspect ratio to touch the sides from all four sides.



Install Windows 7 Via USB Stick

by Salman on October 27, 2009

Yup, i found this useful utility known as “AskVG Bootable USB” through which you can easily install Windows 7, latest OS client released by Microsoft. This app is developed by a reader at through which one can create bootable USB sticks for Windows Vista, Server 2008 or 7. I hope this program would be of great help if your CD/DVD drive is not working properly.

Windows 7 USB Stick



Top 10 Releases around 2010

by Salman on September 9, 2009

2010 will surely be an awesome year. It seems to be the year in which we are going to see lot of giant releases from giant organizations. Starting from operating systems like Windows 7 to the real time strategy games like StarCraft II . Therefore next year will bring lot of cool products in the [...]


AMD, ATI Catalyst Now Supported By Windows 7

by Salman on March 19, 2009

Today AMD released ATI Catalyst 9.3 unified graphics driver support for windows 7. This is the first support driver package of AMD that gets support for windows 7 and it contains Windows Display Driver model (WDDM) 1.1 compatibility. So now millions of AMD (ATI) graphics customers worldwide can utilize the power of their graphics card [...]


Nice Feature Of Windows 7

by Salman on February 6, 2009

Hiz. I just want to share a nice feature of Windows 7 which i discovered yesterday. Sometimes you want to delete files that are in use by your system. In this case Microsoft Windows gives you a certain type of message that this file is being used by another process. But this message is bit [...]


Kaspersky Lab as one of the leading developer of secure content management has finally released the technical preview of Kasper-sky Anti Virus for the upcoming windows 7. Beta1 of windows 7 has been released, after two or three months Beta2 is expected and then it will be released finally at the end of this year.

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From Windows 1.0 To Windows 7

by Salman on January 29, 2009

Here are some images about the evolution of Windows from Windows 1.0 to the Windows 7.


Microsoft released the patch for the first public beta version of its operating system Windows 7 after users reported problems about the usage of MP3 files.


Window Server 2008 beta Features

by Salman on January 11, 2009

Are you Lost in the hype created by Windows 7 , Microsoft also released Windows Server 2008 beta R2, which is the main Server machine OS to the client OS.Windows Server 2008 was also called Windows Server 7 because of the two interrelations.The Windows Server R2 beta’s combination with Windows 7 is one the main [...]