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Coolest Firefox Extension : FoxTab

by Salman on April 17, 2009

FoxTab is a 3D tabbed browsing extension.
With 5 attractive layouts to choose from, flipping between opened tabs becomes easy and enjoyable than ever. Use the grouping and filtering features, and start experiencing tabbed-browsing in a whole new way.


3D-Studio is one of the best softwares being used all around the world used for animation and graphic designing. In my last tutorial i explained how to create a simple animation using reactor in 3D-Max, you can view it HERE. This tutorial explains creation of simple landscape which uses simple functions like Patch-grids and Scatter etc.



Auditory illusion?

by Salman on March 21, 2009

Shortly I came across an mp3, titled the “Virtual Hair cut”, and believe me I was bewitched by the level of hearing illusion. By the time I finished the mp3, I got hold of my hair to assure that they are ‘there’ and It was just an illusion!!


Well a week ago, i started to learn about the animation in 3D-Studio-Max 9. I visited many websites and followed many tutorials after which i was able to create my very first animation in 3D-Studio-Max. I would like to share it with the people who want to learn animation in 3D-Studio-Max. This tutorial is basically [...]