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Linux Mint Review

by Salman on January 30, 2009

Linux Mint is an Operating system which was developed in order to overcome the shortcomings of Ubuntu. Linux Mint is one of the most famous packages of last year. It will not be wrong to say that Linux Mint is much better than Ubuntu and there are number of reasons and facts for Ubuntu users to switch to Linux Mint.



Speed Up Mozilla-Firfox Upto 150%

by Salman on January 29, 2009

Here are simple and easy steps to increase the speed of your Firefox up to 150%. Well before you may continue, please make sure you are using a Broadband Connection, you may not notice any change in your browsing speed if you are using Dial-Up Service.



Yesterday i installed Internet Download Manager [IDM], one of the most leading download managers these days. When i installed, it asked for registeration key, after surfing many crack websites i atlast found and activared the crack of IDM. After 5 mins or so i recieved a dialog box on screen saying “YOUR KEY FOR IDM [...]