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Kaspersky Lab as one of the leading developer of secure content management has finally released the technical preview of Kasper-sky Anti Virus for the upcoming windows 7. Beta1 of windows 7 has been released, after two or three months Beta2 is expected and then it will be released finally at the end of this year.


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13 Steps to Avoid Email Viruses !

by Salman on January 17, 2009

Here are 13 useful tips to save your computer from email bugs and viruses. These steps are specially useful for those who use Microsoft Outlook or any other software like Thunder Bird as an email client.



Deep Freeze : Say Bye To All Viruses/Bugs

by Salman on January 16, 2009

Sometimes when a virus hit your computer, you do a Windows System Restore, sometimes it works but there is no other way to completely restore a bug free system configuration when your computer hits a major problem. The solution is provided by Faronics Deep Freeze. Deep Freeze provides you with a guaranteed facility of restore [...]


How to test your Anti-Virus program…!!!

by Salman on January 8, 2009

Today i was wondering how to check that my anti-virus program is in working condition or not. Here is the solution. Since it is unacceptable for you to send out real viruses for test or demonstration purposes, you need a file that can safely be passed around and which is obviously non-viral, but which your [...]


Top 10 Antivirus 2009

by Salman on January 1, 2009

Nowadays computer viruses are more sophisticated and more aggressive. So i thought to share reviews of Top 10 Antivirus used by most of the people all around the word. As far as my openion is concerned, Kaspersky is the best Anti-Virus i have ever exprienced.