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Google has recently released the ‘My Location’ feature for in the iPhone. Now, whenever you visit from the safari browser of an iPhone supporting 3.0 software, you’ll be greeted with a hyperlink urging you to enable ‘My Location’. Initially, the My Location feature was launched for Google Maps back in 2007 which used to locate your position by indicating it with a blue circle in the map. Since then, it’s been integrated into Google Mobile App on iPhone.



The Google Chrome OS

by Salman on July 9, 2009

The Google-Microsoft rivalry continues and this time Google has finally decided to challenge the monoply of Microsoft in the stream of Operating Systems. For the last decade or so, Microsoft has undoubtedly ruled the world of operating systems. Nine months after the successful release of Google Chrome web browser, Google officially announced a couple of days ago that it will be working on a new project - The Google Chrome Operating System and according to them its a natural extension of Google Chrome.



A British-born physicist Stephen Wolfram has come up with a Web Tool termed as ‘Wolfrom Alpha’ that could be “as important as GOOGLE“. The “Computational Knowledge Engine“, as the technology is known, will be available to the public from the middle of May this year. It is a free program that aims to answers questions [...]

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Here are some brief and spicy stories about history of WWW, Microsoft, Apple, HP, UNIX, Google, Intel, Sun and LINUX.