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These days netbooks are used throughout the world because they are cheap and ultra-portable at the same time. These miniature computers offer the idea that an extreme mobility could be combined with the low price, if people only use to access the Internet and not much more. Many of them lacks units such as DVD-drives because of their compact size. Portable Blu-ray + DVD drive is the only solution to this problem through which you can read Blu-Ray discs and read/write DVDs on any netbook as long as it contains USB 2.0 port.



Beautiful Illuminated Keyboard

by Salman on February 18, 2009

Yes, its the Mini Illuminated PC Keyboard. Its not only the illuminated one, but its superslim and portable. Its so small in size that you can take it in your pocket where ever you want. Oh yes, i forgot to mention that this keyboard is the wireless too.



Portable uTorrent [Very Useful]

by Salman on February 3, 2009

Well, simply its a portable uTorrent which have got many advantages. From this software you can resume your download any where and when ever you want. Just copy and install it on your USB Drive and enjoy the pleasure of being machine independent.


Portable Google Chrome Browser for USB Sticks

by Salman on January 12, 2009

Google Crome one of the recent most successful launch and it has created a history on the launching day, Many technologists were waiting for the Google Chrome to launch. and It proved to be the successful story of the year .Now Here goes the Portable version of the product, and its download link.

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