iOS 4.1 Game Center Compatible Games

by Tech Toggle on September 9, 2010

iOS 4.1 was finally released yesterday with a major new feature “Game Center” which lets you play networked games. Previously  iPhone games would only let you publish your sGame Centercore online on Facebook or any other social platform but now with Game Center enabled games, you can challenge someone online, maintain score boards among a bunch of other sub-features.

At the time of release of iOS 4.1, there was only one game that was Game Center compatible: Pac Man. But now, several hours later the list has reached to 20 games and it’s constantly increasing. Games like Real Racing, Flight Control, Canon Challenge are among the list. We’re not yet sure of the quality of these updated titles but it will surely be fun. Here’s a partial list of the Game Center enabled games:

  1. Real Racing
  2. Flight Control
  3. FarmVille
  4. Zen Bound 2 universe
  5. PAC MAN
  6. Enigmo 2
  7. Adrenaline Golf online
  8. Cro-Mag rally
  9. WordsWorth
  10. Cocoto magic circus
  11. Worldly wings
  12. TouchGrind

Game Center: One of the most awesome entertainment feature addition to the already multi-taskableiOS 4. With game center, multi-player gaming on the iPhone has been taken to a whole new level. Well, this would be exaggeration but it definitely is a great addition. You can match with your friends or just random people, maintain scores and arrange challenges. Isn’t it fun? Of course, not to mention, iPod touch users will have to be on WiFi in order to play games on the game center. Also needless to mention, only multi-player and network enabled games could be played using Game center.

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