Windows 7 Related Interesting Advertisements

by Abdul Haseeb on October 26, 2009

There has been a huge campaign before the release of windows 7. Microsoft produced some interesting advertisement videos, whereas its counterpart Apple tried to sweep people towards Mac and refrain them from upgrading to Windows 7. Here are some of the interesting Ad videos that I like.

Windows 7 Concept Ads:

Aero Shake:

You can navigate your desktop easily with windows 7. Just give the active window a little shake to quickly shake away the clutter.


You can easily personalize your desktop and user interface according to your mood and your usage.

Windows Live Movie Maker:

Movie making now as easy as never before using Windows live movie maker. Just publish your movie directly to internet like youtube.

Its Not About Icons, Its about Ideas:

Your PC, Your life:

Your PC becomes your entertainment zone. And when it’s time to get some work done, new features help you cruise through your PC like a professional.

For Kids, Kylie’s Conversations :

The happy words just keep on coming as Kylie creates another slideshow to share even more good news about Windows 7 with her friends.

Good News:

Get a Mac Ads, reply to Windows 7 Ads(3 in one):

Mac suggests Windows 7 is the same old thing as ever before like Vista and Windows XP and they try to convince the consumers that Mac is the ultimate solution to their pain and frustration.

7 secs to Windows 7:

This seven seconds demo series is what i like the most. A quick blast through Windows 7 features.

CheapyD & CampingKev vs. Windows 7 Whopper:

Celebrating the launch of Windows 7 in Japan, the Windows 7 Whopper is 791 grams or 1.74 pounds of Burger King beef.

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