Apple Introduces The New iPod Shuffle

by Muhammad Ali on March 20, 2009

Although i am not a huge fan of Apple but still i  have to say that they keep on coming up with some really amazing things and this time around its the new Apple iPod Shuffle. They claim that it is the world’s smallest music player and what more, it talks to you as well. The new iPod Shuffle has 4 GB of storage and allows you to have upto 1000 songs. Its introductory price is 79 USD.

Here are some of its exciting new features which you would never have experienced before :

Incredibly Small Size : The new iPod Shuffle is just 1.8 inches tall and 0.3 inches thin to be precise. Just imagine, 1.8 inches!! . Who would have thought that one day we would be having a device like this and that too, smaller than the size of your index finger. So its easier to use and easy to carry anywhere.


4 GB storage : In most of the music players you dont have much memory space, so you often have to do away with your favourite songs. iPod Shuffle comes with 4 GB storage which means that you can have up to 1000 songs of your choice and you can listen them for hours.

VoiceOver Feature : The iPod Shuffle does not have a screen. So you would be wondering how would you come to know which song is playing currently. iPod Shuffle comes with an exciting feature called the VoiceOver. If you are listening to a song and want to know the exact title of the song and the name of the singer, you just have to press a button , the music will dip down and the device will announce the name of the song and the artist. It also tells you the name of the playlist and you will also be informed when your battery needs charging. What more you could have asked for?


Multiple Playlists : You can make multiple playlists in iPod Shuffle, according to your daily routine so that you will be able to listen some particular music at some particular time of the day. And thanks to the VoiceOver feature, you can easily switch between the playlists to find your desired one.

Multi-music-lingual : Another great feature of iPod Shuffle is that the VoiceOver can speak 14 different languages which means that you can easily know the song and the artist’s name even if its not in english. Non-english speaking users may find this feature very handy.

Easy Access Controls : The controls are located on the right earbud cord and if you experience this, you would come to know that the controls are in a very convenient position and you can easily navigate your music and activate the VoiceOver feature without taking your eyes off whatever you are doing.

Stylish and Artistic clip : The iPod Shuffle may be small but not dull by any means and even the iPod clip is very stylish, having the apple logo on it. It is made of stainless steel and you can easily and very securely attach it to your shirt, jacket or workout gear.



Watch this video to know more about the new iPod Shuffle.

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