Linux Mint Review

by Salman on January 30, 2009

Linux Mint is an Operating system which was developed in order to overcome the shortcomings of Ubuntu. Linux Mint is one of the most famous packages of last year. It will not be wrong to say that Linux Mint is much better than Ubuntu and there are number of reasons and facts for Ubuntu users to switch to Linux Mint.


Linux Mint is based on the Ubuntu 8.04, as Ubuntu 8.04 provides you with the long term support, APT package manager with the huge library

and most of all it has almost no hardware compatibility issues as compared to the other versions.

Why to switch to Linux Mint:

  • Obviously Linux Mint has got awesome graphics and user interface as compared to old Ubuntu. It has got simple boot-loader, cool desktop layout and a Mint menu which can be customized in number of ways. It comes with lot of improvements which makes common windows tasks much easier


  • Linux mint offer number of applications that are not available in Ubuntu. There are many pre-installed applications like multimedia codecs, drivers for Wi-fi cards etc. Moreover as Ubuntu and Linux Mint use the same software repositories, so any software that can be installed on Ubuntu is compatible with Linux Mint, hence it provides users access to a huge collection of packages and software.
  • It is a Debian-based distribution and as such it is very solid and it comes with one of the greatest package managers.
  • Ubuntu as compared to Linux Mint have got very larger support community but at the same time every advice and help is also applicable to Linux Mint.
  • Linux Mint comes up with Mint Tools. Mint Tools are collection of applications that makes computer management easy for all kind of users. Mint tools include MintInstall, MintUpdate, MintDesktop,  MintConfig, MintAssistant, MintUpload, MintSpace, MintMenu,  MintWifi, MintNanny and MintMake.


  • It’s one of the most community driven distributions. You could literally post an idea in the forums today and see it implemented the week after in the “current” release. Of course this has pros and cons and compared to distributions with road maps, feature boards and fixed release cycles we miss a lot of structure and potentially a lot of quality, but it allows us to react quickly, implement more innovations and make the whole experience for us and for the users extremely exciting” –Linux Mint Team
  • Linux Mint consistently ranks highly on DistroWatch, which tracks the popularity of various Linux and BSD distributions based on the number of daily page hits which each distribution generates. As of January 2009, Linux Mint was ranked 3rd.
  • You can create live CDs and live USB drives from ISO of Linux Mint which is available for free download.

Download Linux Mint

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