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Best JavaScript Game Ever

Author : Bilal Bhatti, Posts:76

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Here is a simple and enjoybale game made in JS. Just save the red cube from walls and other blue quads. Lets see for how much time you can save the red one. Please do mention your time in comments. The main purpose of the post is that JS can also play an important role in developing cool and simple web games.

Many visitors asked me that they are feeling difficulty in uploading the image. So i actually hacked the "uploading frame" of images hack ;P for you people. Now its simple to upload your scores.

Just Follow these steps to upload the screen shot of your image:

  • Browse Image after taking the screen-shot.
  • Hit "Host It" Button.
  • Scroll Down at the last of the frame and choose "+ Show Advanced Linking"
  • Copy the link and paste it into your comment along with your score.
  • Use this format:
    Your Score <a href="www.your imagelink">Screenshot</a>

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