Sony Vaio P-Series netbook

by Salman on January 23, 2009

Sony launched its new product, the P-Series netbook, a few days ago. Its ultra-light weight and weighs just 1.4 pounds (about 640 grams) or so and can easily be accommodated in a jacket pocket or a hand bag. It has an 8-inch LED backlit screen with an extra-wide 1600 x 768 resolution, built-in Wireless 3G Mobile Broadband, Bluetooth,built-in webcam, Wi-Fi and GPS. Its available in red, green, black, or white and its price is 900 US dollars.

The P-series has two USB ports, one on each side. Connectivity can be done via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and it also has a SIM-free 3G HSDPA modem and GPS built-in as well. It also features a hardware Wi-Fi on/off switch, which makes it very easy to turn the Wi-Fi on and off as needed which can noticeably extend battery life.


The P-Series netbook is a huge step forward and with such features that it offers, it looks like its going to be a massive success this year. With very less weight and the fact that it can easily be carried anywhere you like, it has brought the concept of portability to a whole new level. And i am very certain that it will definitely leave some people astonished if you pull this out at a meeting from your coat pocket.

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