Nokia connecting (people) with Microsoft : The SP2 Formula

by Salman on February 24, 2011

Nokia and Microsoft changing their gears and trying to hit the ball hard & smart, and I call this “Smart Power Partnership” – SP2 Formula. Mr. Stephen Elop, CEO of Nokia said “We have become convinced that we can offer a very low price quickly”, reported by Reuters-news agency.

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Using Microsoft Windows Phone 7 operating system (OS) will give a big relief to Nokia guys as they don’t have to do any heavier planning for OS development and financial expenses. This will positively affect the price factor as well.

Both companies will focus on their strengths to not only win the game but to capture the attention of non-Windows/Nokia consumers. Following are some of the highlights of SP2 formula.

  • Close collaboration in joint marketing.
  • Shared development plan.
  • Nokia will share its strength with windows 7 in camera phone sector.
  • Microsoft Bing will be sharing its searching its virtual private server searching power with Nokia devices and services.
  • Nokia handsets will offer search advertising via Microsoft Ad Center.
  • Microsoft will welcome Nokia Maps. And yes you guessed it right, Nokia Maps will be integrated with Bing and Ad Center advertising services.
  • For countries where use of credit card or debit card is not common, Nokia can utilize its strength of wide-ranging ecommerce website hosting operators for billing on purchase of applications and services offered on Windows Phone 7 Platform.
  • Microsoft development tools will be used for application development for Windows Nokia Phones.

Apparently things are looking colorful but nothing is reality right now. We will have to wait and see how they play the game and can this SP2 formula can become a concern for Apple and Google’s Android and not to forget RIM.

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